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Web Designer and Videographer


Web Designer and Videographer




My beginning as a computer geek was in 1988 when Dad bought our family a brand new IMB Personal System Computer.  Grandpa bought me Corel Draw for Christmas that year, and my new hobby became spending hours on end drawing in the computer one very large pixel at a time.

Having computer skills served me well, because I was only 12 years old when I landed a job in a Real Estate office as an administrative assistant.  The broker I worked for sat me down with a Video Professor Series on Microsoft Office and put me to work managing his lists, doing direct mailing campaigns and cold calling FSBO listings in the newspaper.

In college I became fascinated with online learning and worked for the newly formed SBCC Online College as a teaching assistant in the music department.  I also apprenticed during that phase for Santa Barbara Sound Design owner Dom Cameradella, who was also enthusiastic about the budding filed of online learning.  Years later I made my way to the sound stages at as a location audio engineer and moonlighter.  After leaving in 2012, I started my business developing websites, videos, and marketing strategies for small businesses and individuals.

I've enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients all the way from Fortune 100 business consultants to Mariachi bands and everything in between.  I feel very lucky to get exposure to such a great collection of people. As diverse as they may be, something they all have in common is that they are all working hard to make their businesses successful.  It's a great privilege to spend my professional life helping small business owners expand and improve their business.

In 2006, I earned a degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Film and Media with a Minor in Music.  Before starting my web design business, I worked in Southern California as an audio engineer for motion picture.  I currently live in the Tacoma Washington area.

Leah is an exceptionally talented web developer and designer. She has such a broad range of gifts and skills that her value is difficult to calculate. In the past, I have needed to hire 3-4 people to accomplish the things she did. She is a great listener and always anticipates my needs, sometimes before I even realize myself that I have them. I am extremely pleased with Leah's work and plan to stick with her for a long, long time.

Britt Andreatta ~ Author and Consultant

We’re really happy with our new site and the things it can do for us that our old site couldn’t. She was easy to work with, listened to our concerns and always tried to come up with solutions to fit our unique situation. She has a great knowledge of how things work on the back end, and guided our in-house team through the site-building process. Plus, her cheerful attitude made her fun to have around! We look forward to continuing to get her input and help as we refine our site in the future.

Deb Olsen ~ Guild of American Luthiers

Leah's contributions go well beyond the technical nature of her job. She is collaborative, an active listener, and is creative in solving problems. I highly recommend working with Leah!

Valerie Sutton ~ Director of Career Services at Harvard University

Leah is incredibly sharp, resourceful, and easy to work with. Her wide range of creative and technical skills really makes her stand out. I don't know how one person can be a genius specialist at so many things, but that's Leah. She's also hilarious and has the ability to make everybody around her happy to be working with her. That's no mean feat.

Mark Tapio Kines ~ Writer/Director

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