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You Deserve to Look Good.

When people see that you have clean, easy to understand marketing materials, they feel more comfortable buying from you.  My goal is to help you ace your digital marketing strategy by educating you on the fundamentals of building an online presence and sharing with you my tools, skills, and affiliate resources.

Nobody knows your product better than you.  And for that reason you should be the master of your own strategy and identity.  But you can't effectively see it through all alone.  My professional relationships are based on sharing information and deep collaboration to help you and your business look and perform your best.

Producing great content doesn't need to be complicated.  Following proven models and systems makes it possible to save time and money while still getting functional and visually pleasing results.

Sell with Integrity.

You don't need to be a spammer to make online sales.  New sales practices dictate that your roll as a seller is to establish yourself as a thought leader and trusted partner there by fostering deep connections with your audience.  We live largely in a buyers market where customers are just a click away from reaching competitors and researching other options.  So the answer lies in establishing brand authority through high quality content creation.  Many of us are busy running businesses and don't want to worry about writing content for our blog or social media streams, and that's ok.  I can guide you towards a balanced workflow of collaboration with content creators who will take the burden off of you so you can reap the benefits of producing content without a large time investment.

Leah's contributions go well beyond the technical nature of her job. She is collaborative, an active listener, and is creative in solving problems. I highly recommend working with Leah!

Valerie Sutton ~ Director of Career Services at Harvard University

Leah is incredibly sharp, resourceful, and easy to work with. Her wide range of creative and technical skills really makes her stand out. I don't know how one person can be a genius specialist at so many things, but that's Leah. She's also hilarious and has the ability to make everybody around her happy to be working with her. That's no mean feat.

Mark Tapio Kines ~ Writer/Director

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